Cross-Cultural Cherry Picking

About this time last year, I met a couple from Persia as they were picking red berries off some trees on our street. They told me the name of the berries in their language, but I forgot the word as soon as I heard it. Tonight, I saw the same couple again. We chatted for a bit, and they told me all the wonders of these berries: about their antioxidant properties and that they were beneficial to people with diabetes, heart conditions, and high cholesterol.

I tasted a berry and found it quite sour, but they said that a little bit of salt makes them delicious. The berries are also suitable for jam, so I might try that this year.

And while they told me the name once again in Farsi, this time they Googled the English translation. Zoghal akhteh, the name I couldn’t remember, translates as Cornelian cherries.

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