Barb edits in a variety of genres and media, including print, digital, and multimedia, and is a certified proofreader through the Editors’ Association of Canada. Barb brings clarity, concision, and a touch of oomph to projects.

Here’s a sampling of the editing projects she’s worked on:

Adventures of Ruby (video), Centre for Nursing and Health Studies at Athabasca University. Find out about plagiarism and APA with this fun animation. Barb copyedited the script, ensuring that the tone was friendly and informal and that the writing worked aurally.

Salmonbellies vs. the World: the Story of Lacrosse’s Most Famous Team & Their Greatest Rivals (book), by W.B. MacDonald. Meet the Salmonbellies, New Westminster’s lacrosse team, and learn about their fascinating history. Barb’s primary goal was to reduce the word count by at least 15,000 words while ensuring that no actual content was removed. She also performed a stylistic/copy edit.

An Inconvenient Fruit (ebook), by Andrew Braithwaite. This book is a wonderful romp through winemaking history (not to mention through the vineyards of Northern California and France) or, as Andrew describes it, “a half- drunk and entirely true love story about wine, roots, bugs, death, and magic.”

Finding Karla (ebook) by Paula Todd. Barb copyedited this ebook documenting Paula Todd’s search and ultimate discovery of notorious killer Karla Homolka. The book created a stir in the media, being hailed a journalism and publishing breakthrough.

The Jendorra Boxes, a trilogy for young adult (YA) readers, by Kevin Murphy. Barb did a stylistic edit of these three YA fantasy novels and, in the process, created the most intriguing style sheet ever.

This Godforsaken Place, by Cinda Gault. This is the story of what happens to a sensible schoolteacher when she buys herself a rifle and meets the likes of Annie Oakley and Gabriel Dumont. Barb performed a stylistic and copy edit of the manuscript prior to its submission to a publishing house. She also did a lot of fact checking with regard to firearms.

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